Hairdresser haircut use of high-grade technology

Many types of high-end hair cutting techniques, but the most important thing is to use freely and used properly, because too much high-end technology, customers sometimes make it difficult to sort out, so we have to fully know the importance of various technologies, it will not turn into anti- effect.

Point Cut

Point cut method is a way of cutting hair density moat light law, but highly-point cut when there are not the same effect, such as the point in the hair root, is to let the hair density less direct moat; but point cut in the middle of long hair When, let the hair to increase super dynamic and layered; when the point cut in the tail, the tail is to make irregular lines and penetrating sense.

Slide Cut

Slip cut method is actually a by a (very short) connection (very long) but will not lose too much weight, but the technology while maintaining long hair, stylish hair stylist again later this kind of technology used in the thinning on usage, but let slip shear thinning hair when showing a slight sense of connection and a sense of direction, so when we use, should pay attention to its direction of flow, or the customer’s own can be difficult to sort out its stylish hairstyle.

Thinning Scissors

Thinning shears are also divided into a variety of densities teeth, so should pay attention when using fashion hairstyle needs, such as wide-tooth thinning scissors effect is to increase its faults, so fashionable hairstyle obvious layering, but more suitable for foreign human hair hair or hair color is relatively shallow customers can be significant rendering.

Razor cut

Cutting blade is actually a thinning ancient, but now the fashion stylists use in thinning, playing level and modification of external line use, but need to pay attention to the direction of control, but also because of cut will affect the flow of fashion hairstyle Built Italy Favorites friends using cutting knife, cutting knife is very easy to damage the hair and scaly skin and hair of hair, so the blade cutting knife can only use two stylish hairstyle, do not wait until the cutting knife unfavorable replacement, the customer’s hair hair Quality has been the severity of damage.